Sustainability campaign

“Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability
of future generations to meet their own needs…“ (Brundtland Report, 1987)

Chemson sets particular store by the development of ecologically sustainable additives. We believe in an active environmental policy within our company and are permanently working to reduce emissions and waste and to ensure a resource-efficient use of energy. Our goal is to increase our share of renewable energy in the long run. Certification to the ISO 14001 environmental standard confirms the Chemson commitment to sustainability.

A lead-free future

Raw materials: 25% sustainable

From 2016, the European PVC industry has discontinued using stabilisers that contain lead. We offer a comprehensive range of lead-free stabilisers, led by our technologically advanced calcium/zinc systems as well as organically based stabilisers to reduce environmental impact. The declared goal is to achieve a worldwide switch to heavy metal-free additives. Thanks to its innovative capacity and investment in research, Chemson has established a competitive edge for itself in this field, also when it comes to global use.

Chemson has managed to lower its share of environmentally critical raw materials to well below the market average. We are permanently working on substituting non-sustainable raw materials with environmentally friendly alternatives: At this point, over 25% of the materials we use are classified as sustainable, in particular biogenic materials and natural fillers, and this figure is set to increase in future!

VinylPlus initiative

Chemson is an active player in the VinylPlus initiative launched by the European Stabilisers Producers Association (ESPA). VinylPlus stands for the voluntary commitment towards sustainability in the production and application of PVC. The programme sets ambitious goals for recycled waste volumes, the reduction of energy and raw material consumption, the strengthening of awareness for sustainability throughout the entire value chain, and the responsible use of additives. Our new product generation of lead-free stabilisers make an important contribution to the last point in particular.


Chemson is also an active member of the working group “PVC and the Environment” (AGPU), which collects and presents environmental and scientific information on PVC and PVC products, placing them in the wider context of political framework conditions. An intense dialogue and exchange with international representatives from industry, environmental agencies and politics is a primary concern.

„The Natural Step“

Ever since the European PVC industry has begun to engage with its own ecological responsibility, the concept of sustainability is assessed on the basis of the sustainable framework conditions as listed in “The Natural Step”, TNS for short. TNS is a non-profit organisation that aims at strengthening the awareness for sustainability and sustainable actions within society in general and in communal organisations and industries in particular. Chemson is a partner in this TNS dialogue and regularly sends its employees to attend further training events and courses on the subject.