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VBEE Solutions Industrial
3D Printing Materials.

Chemson’s VBEE industrial PVC technology will be available in both a pelletized form factor – optimized for high flow rate extrusion – and in several OD’s of spooled filament.To see impressive examples of each scroll down.

Upper section of a functional, water-tight marine buoy for electronic sensors and data collection equipment. Buoy section was executed in under 12 hours on the Atlas (Titan Robotics) with VBEE pellets, using a 3mm aperture nozzle.


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VBEE has been specifically engineered as a premium, high-performance material formulation to meet the high-performance demands of Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing, and associated Material Extrusion technologies within the burgeoning Advanced Manufacturing sector.


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Chemson’s PVC technology for Additive Manufacturing has been identified as having various aspects of novel invention; global patents are currently pending.

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