The sixth edition of the VinylPlus Sustainability Forum will take place from May 16th to 17th, 2018. The venue chosen for the two-day event is the Spanish capital of Madrid. Under the motto “Meeting Societal Needs”, this year’s forum will focus on the global challenges of population growth and the associated sustainability problems. Concrete solutions will be presented during the event. Chemson will also participate in the Forum as a sustainable partner of VinylPlus. The aim of our company is to produce high quality PVC products that are accessible to a large segment of the population. We believe that the entire value-added chain must work closely together to deliver high quality and durable products that can be recycled at the end of their useful life and reintroduced into the economy for the benefit of the consumer and society as a whole. In order to guarantee this sustainable pattern of action in the long term, Chemson has joined the VinylPlus initiative. This program sets ambitious requirements for the growth of recycling volumes, reducing energy and raw material consumption, developing comprehensive awareness of sustainability and responsible use of additives. We at Chemson look forward to an exciting VinylPlus Sustainability Forum in Madrid and the exchanges that will take place there with our industry partners.