Chemson >> more than additives

The Chemson Group, headquartered in Arnoldstein/Austria, is among the globally leading manufacturers of polymer additives in the plastics industry. Our products include additives and auxiliaries that are used in a wide range of end products. Chemson today operates in Austria, Germany, Great Britain, Brazil, China, the US and Australia and has a global service network at its disposal.

PVC additives for a broad application spectrum

Flexible logistic solutions

Chemson produces additives and auxiliaries that are used in many everyday consumer products. Additives have a significant influence on the processability of PVC and give the final products their typical material properties. By combining these additives in different ways, it becomes possible to create products with highly different properties, from thin pond liners to ultra-resistant PVC pipes, easy-care window profiles or innovative flooring. One of our major strengths lies in the fact that we are able to provide customers with individual, tailor-made additive solutions in addition to our tried-and-tested standard stabiliser systems.

When it comes to material logistics, flexibility is key: Needs-based packaging solutions for the individual product, for instance in disposable sacks, exchangeable silos or steel containers, further facilitate processing for our customers and take into account their warehousing requirements. All products are available in the form of delivery that is best suited to the individual application, for instance as tablets, scales, granulate, micro-granulate or powder.

Support and service as main success factors

One of the secrets of our success is the extensive expertise that we make available to customers during every phase of the production process and beyond. During the product development stage, we will advise you on the selection of the right raw materials, the appropriate additives and the right dosage. The broad knowledge pool of our specialists includes the right mixing ratio of stabilisers as well as the right formulation rate of all additives. Do you have new products in the pipeline or are seeking out new production methods? Chemson is your competent partner when it comes to making visionary ideas reality. We know our customers’ technical facilities as well as our own and work with your technical sales service and development teams to define the requirements for realising your ideas, precisely coordinated to fit your planned production volumes and the production facilities used. Our experienced staff is also happy to advise you on requirement planning, logistics and customs issues.