K-Messe trade fair 2016: Innovative PVC applications from the world market leader 

Arnoldstein / Dusseldorf, September 2016. Chemson, the world market leader in polymer additives with headquarters in Arnoldstein, Austria, will again be at the K-Messe trade fair and present its latest innovations: with 3D Vinyl™, the first 3D-printable PVC filament, soon all the advantages of PVC will also be usable for 3D printing. With the new additives for polymer formwork profiles, entirely new possibilities in building construction are opening up and Chemson is also forging new paths in the soft PVC area with solid material stabilizers. The leading international trade fair in the plastics and rubber industry takes place from October 19th to 26th in Dusseldorf; Chemson will have a new stand design that is located, as usual, in Hall 6, stand 6E/43.

“The ‘K’ is the ideal platform for us to present our latest developments and we have more to offer this time. At the trade fair, we will show an extraordinary additive formulation for 3D printing, a new stabilizer generation for soft PVC and a formulation for new applications of PVC in building construction”, announced CSO Alexander Hofer on the innovations of Chemson.

3D Vinyl™ – the world’s first 3D-printable PVC filament

Everyone is talking about 3D printing: models from 3D printers are not only individualized, quick and cost-effective, in the economic world their use is often a decisive factor of success or failure. Models and finished parts from 3D printers allow you to respond quickly to market changes, just-in-time productions and when producing small batch series. This creates a competitive advantage over conventional production methods. The Chemson 3D Vinyl™ solution was developed for the manufacturing industry sector. It demonstrates its advantages when printing support structures too and is therefore particularly suitable for the production of prototypes and end components. “We are convinced that, for example, prototyping will take place in the future mainly by means of 3D printing and so we wanted to be part of this right from the start. 3D Vinyl™ has all the advantages of PVC, thus providing every opportunity for other cost-efficient PVC applications,” notes Alexander Hofer, CSO of the Chemson Group. Polyvinylchloride is impressive with its diverse material properties and is therefore one of the most important plastics in the market. The material scores well with a good price-performance ratio, sturdiness, a high level of recyclability, and also its versatility.


Solid material stabilizers for a new generation of flexible PVC

Liquid stabilizers have consolidated their position in the flexible PVC sector for many years. More recently solid stabilizers are being offered as alternative to the liquid types with generally equivalent or improved technical performance along with environmentally friendly benefits. As a future-oriented company, Chemson is therefore already on this path today and offers exclusively calcium-based solid material stabilizers for products made from soft PVC. The main components of Chemson’s Calcium-Zinc and organic-based solid material stabilizers are positively listed and thus can also be approved for food contact.


Innovative additives for polymer formwork profiles

Working closely with the construction industry, Chemson has succeeded in developing PVC additives that can be used to produce light and durably stable plastic formwork elements. The heavy metal-free stabilized formwork solutions are suitable for multi-storey residential buildings and stable elevator shafts as well as for liquid storage tanks or fish tanks. Among the many advantages cited by the construction industry are sturdy, fireproof walls that are also cost-effective because they can be installed more quickly and with less skilled labor. With these additives for polymer profiles, Chemson is opening up an entirely new market for PVC. Different regions have now used these profiles successfully for many years.


Chemson – leading manufacturer of PVC stabilizers

The Chemson Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of PVC stabilizers in the plastics processing industry. Chemson products include additives and auxiliary materials that are used in a variety of end products. Through the various combinations of Chemson additives, low-maintenance window profiles are also prepared such as robust PVC pipes, on-board electrical systems, ultra-thin packaging film or innovative flooring. By developing innovative formulations, Chemson ongoingly contributes to the expansion of PVC applications.






With the filament, Chemson now makes the material of PVC also available for 3D printing. The formulation is particularly suitable for printing support structures and thus for the production of prototypes and end components.

Photo: CSO Alexander Hofer
(Photo credit: Chemson/Kohlmeier)



Photo: CSO Alexander Hofer
(Photo credit: Chemson/Kohlmeier)