Innovative additives for PVC wall formwork

Working closely with the construction industry, Chemson has succeeded in developing PVC additives for waterproof, permanently stable formwork elements made of plastic. Our special stabilisers make it possible to create formwork that has significant advantages compared to standard construction types.

Your advantages at a glance:

Application spectrum of polymer formwork profiles

  • less costly than metal formwork

  • shorter assembly times

  • assembly does not require extensive training

  • water-proof, resulting in good air quality, no mould development, less damage in case of flooding

  • highly stable, fire-resistant and crack-free

  • resistant to hurricanes and earthquakes up to a magnitude
    of 9

  • free from toxins, plasticisers and measurable volatile organic compounds

  • durable and 100% recyclable

With these additives for polymer profiles, we are opening up a new market for PVC, making it affordable for everyone to build their own home.

The combination of environmentally friendly factors creates safe formwork with a broad application spectrum. Examples include:

  • multi-storey apartment buildings
  • cellar walls below groundwater level
  • stable lift and cable shafts
  • drinking water tanks and grain silos
  • swimming pools and fish breeding tanks
  • waterfront structures