Global research and development - knowledge-pooling in Austria

As the innovation pioneer on the PVC additive market, research and development play a crucial role in the success of our company. Our chemical engineers and our technical staff are constantly developing new products, fine-tuning existing ones and improving our overall product range. This innovative knowledge and our global research findings are pooled at our headquarters in Arnoldstein/Austria. In addition to our own in-house research activities, we also work closely with leading universities, promoting the presence of our employees in the scientific community and fostering the global exchange of experiences among our staff.

Chemson R&D successes

We are proud of our innovations, both from a technical and an ecological perspective:

  • Leading technologies for environmentally friendly calcium/zinc and organically based stabilisers.
  • Development of stabilisers for new PVC applications such as 3D Vinyl filament, wood plastics composites and PVC formwork profiles for the construction industry.
  • Innovative product forms that facilitate processing, such as one-pack systems for all areas of application (now also for PVC foils) and our dust-free all-in-one product, the 1-component tablets for the production of window profiles.

Certification according to ISO 9001

Chemson has been maintaining an ISO 9001- and ISO 14001-certified quality and environmental management system for many years. This further highlights our commitment towards safeguarding and developing our product quality and safety.