Stabilisers by Chemson: solid and environmentally friendly

Chemson sets particular store by the development of ecologically sustainable additives. We are therefore in a position to offer you a comprehensive portfolio of stabilisers that are free from heavy metals, with an emphasis on high-performance calcium/zinc systems and organically based stabilisers. The use of solid stabilisers creates additional benefits for the environment.

Calcium/zinc stabilisers

Organically based stabilisers

Calcium-based compounds have been in use for several years and have in fact become one of the most important product categories on the market for stabilisers. Calcium/zinc stabilisers in particular confer excellent mechanical features and a high level of weathering resistance. The outstanding performance of the younger Ca/Zn generations has also boosted the use of other stabiliser systems. Since early 2016, lead-based stabilisers in Europe have been fully replaced by environmentally friendly systems. Thanks to our innovative capacity and drive, we have gained a competitive advantage in this field – not just in Europe, but globally.

Since the turn of the millennium, organically based stabilisers have become increasingly widespread. In addition to their environmental acceptability, organically based stabilisers also offer numerous other benefits, such as excellent colour fastness even after several rounds of recycling. In addition, they usually consist only of positively listed components, making them also suitable for food contact. Organically based stabilisers also offer high thermal stability and excellent recycling properties. For all these reasons, we are putting intense efforts into extending our portfolio of organically based stabilisers. Our goal is to develop a range of stabilisers that fulfil the stringent requirements of the CLP regulation (Classification, Labelling and Packaging).

Alternatives to liquid stabilisers

Our know-how – your success

With our state-of-the-art stabilisers on a calcium/zinc basis and organically based stabilisers, we are setting entirely new standards in the PVC foil sector. This benefits not just our customers, but also the environment: Compared to liquid stabilisers, our solid stabilisers are significantly less volatile. The main components of our organically based solid stabilisers are positively listed and thus also suitable for food contact.

One of the secrets of our success is the extensive expertise that we make available to customers during every phase of the production process and beyond. During the product development stage, we will advise you on the selection of the right raw materials, the appropriate additives and the right dosage. The broad knowledge pool of our specialists includes the right mixing ration of stabilisers as well as the right formulation rate of all additives. This means that you have a competent partner at your side during every phase, from planning to the implementation of product optimisations and the realisation of new product ideas or production methods.