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With effect from 18. February 2019, the Supervisory Board has appointed Mr. Dik Eren Ziya, the General Manager of Akdeniz Kimya, as Chairman of the Executive Board of Chemson Polymer-Additive AG and as Chief Executive Officer of Chemson Group.
Together with his fellow board member Mr. Hans Mitteldorf he will continue on the path of sustainable growth and increased value-add to all stake-holders in the future, through a strong and reliable partnership. Particularly extensive synergy effects will be targeted, in order to further strengthen all divisions and utilize them in the most optimal way.
The previous member of the Executive Board Mr. Alexander Hofer has left the company for personal reasons. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to Mr. Hofer for his valuable contribution to the Company over the years.
About Chemson Group: With its headquarters in Austria is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of PVC stabilizers for the plastics processing industry. Chemson being a leader in technology offers international production facilities to more than 2,000 customers with a worldwide sales and service network.
About Akdeniz Kimya: One of the world’s leading stabilizer manufacturers located in Izmir, with today’s worldwide largest PVC stabilizer production at one single location. It produces calcium/zinc, organic and lead based stabilizers in modern production facilities which are continuously developed.
About OYAK Group: One of the largest industrial conglomerates in Turkey. Through its service and industrial enterprises, particularly in automotive, steel, cement and energy sectors, OYAK creates direct employment for 35,000 personnel in seven regions of Turkey and 19 countries in the world.

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